Published On: Mon, Aug 28th, 2017

Google Wants You To Look For ‘Play Protect’ Logo When Buying A New Android Device

Google always had a set of pre-requisites for a OEMs to approve with for using a Play Store and Google’s first-party apps. The association is now upping a diversion by branding a criteria for services on Android phones.

The tech hulk will now publicly symbol Certified Android inclination with Play Protect trademark on their packaging. The trademark will seem on a sell wrapping of a products to safeguard if a device comes with Google certification. It is a open beginning by Google that will assistance a buyers to make certain if they are shopping a approved Android device.

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Google took to a Indian blog to announce a new Play Protect branding for displaying acceptance on a wrapping of Android device. Other than a code name, all stays a same about Google’s acceptance routine for devices. The aim of a acceptance is still a same, i.e. to safeguard a confidence of a device with pre-installed Google apps and a Play Store.

In a blog post, Google writes:

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Google provides acceptance for Android inclination to make certain users accept secure and fast experiences. We work with manufacturers opposite a creation to run hundreds of harmony tests that safeguard inclination belong to a Android confidence and permissions model. These tests also determine that a Google apps pre-installed on inclination are authentic, and that apps from a Play Store can work as intended.

Google took this step to heed between a approved Android inclination and a non-certified ones. The association is now emphasising on promotion a acceptance tab to wakeful a buyers. Google Play Protect plays a pivotal purpose in a new branding for acceptance as it showcases confidence collection used by Google to safeguard a reserve of Android inclination and apps on a Play Store.

Updates list of OEMs with Google Play Protect certification

The association says that a Play Protect trademark will start appearing on sell wrapping of both Android smartphones and tablets. Google wants users to demeanour for a “Play Protect” trademark when shopping a new Android device. There is also an updated list of OEMs and partners that have approved Android devices, check it out here.

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