Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Google updates Maps with some-more COVID info and finally launches the Assistant pushing mode

Google now announced an refurbish to Google Maps that includes a series of new COVID-related features, as good as a ability to see a live standing of your takeout or smoothness orders, as good as a launch of a long-expected new Assistant pushing mode.

In addition, a association common a few new stats around Google Maps today. The association says that it creates 50 million updates to Maps any day now, for example, yet that includes user-generated calm like user reviews, photos and ratings. The association also now facilities “popular times” information for 20 million places around a globe.

Image Credits: Google Maps

As distant as COVID is concerned, there are dual announcements here. First, Google is updating a COVID covering in Google Maps on Android and iOS with some new information, including a series of all-time rescued cases in an area and links to COVID resources from internal governments. Second, Google Maps can now tell you, in genuine time, how bustling a given movement line is so we can equivocate packaged trains or busses, for example. That’s formed on real-time feedback from Google Maps users and will feel informed if we are wakeful of how Google Maps can already uncover we how bustling a given store or grill now is.

Image Credits: Google Maps

Semi-related — smoothness services are sepulchral during a pandemic, after all (even as they continue to onslaught to make a profit) — Google Maps on mobile will now be means to uncover we a live smoothness standing of your takeout and smoothness orders in a U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India. To do so, we have to book your sequence from Google Maps on Android or iOS.

For Google Maps users who don’t have an Android Auto-compatible car, a new Google Assistant pushing mode in Maps has prolonged been something to demeanour brazen to. The association initial talked about this set of new facilities during a I/O developers discussion in May 2019, yet as is so mostly a case, facilities announced during I/O take a while to get to market. Originally, this was ostensible to launch final summer.

Image Credits: Google Maps

The thought here is to concede drivers to get alerts about incoming calls, have a Assistant review out content messages and control your song right inside of Google Maps. Using a Assistant ideally reduces motorist distractions. For now, this new mode is usually entrance to Android users in a U.S., though, and a series of facilities it supports stays limited. Google promises to support some-more facilities over time, yet it’s not transparent that facilities it skeleton to supplement to this mode.

Google Assistant is entrance to Google Maps

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