Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

Google updates Forms with intelligent response validation, cross-domain uploads and more

Google currently announced an refurbish to Forms, a use for building online surveys to collect information. Now, no matter either we are perplexing to figure out who will indeed wish to come to your team-building eventuality during a internal ropes march or what your business consider about your latest product, Forms will be a bit some-more useful.

Among a new facilities is an intelligent response validation that will automatically advise a right kind of response validation for your several fields. If we are seeking for an email address, for example, Forms will advise to select a aptly named “Accept emails only” option. The same goes for URLs, age and identical fields.

Forms users will now also be means to appeal record uploads from users outward of their association — though usually if both your association and your respondent’s association concede cross-domain record pity in Google Drive. Uploads to new forms are now capped during 1GB, that is substantially adequate for many use cases, though users can also boost this extent to 1TB (which is also a top for existent forms).

Google also is introducing a new doubt type: a checkbox grid. This allows respondents to collect from mixed options in a table. That’s good if we wish to find a good assembly time, for example, that is, after all, a problem that even all of a advances in appurtenance training haven’t been means to solve.

Also new in Forms are settings that we can request to all of your new forms. With this, we can select to always collect email addresses, for example. Users can now also shuffle their sections with only a few clicks.

These new facilities are now accessible in a Rapid Release channel and will come to all users in dual weeks.

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