Published On: Tue, Feb 2nd, 2016

Google Turns Its iOS App Into A Game With A New 3D Touch-Enabled Trivia Button

Google has combined a playful feature to a iOS focus that lets we flog off a pointless trivia hunt – aka, a “I’m Feeling Curious” hunt underline – usually by tough dire on a app icon. The underline takes advantage of 3D Touch, that means it usually works on Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices. After drumming on a “I’m Feeling Curious” button, you’ll be taken to a hunt formula page that displays a pointless fact or bit of knowledge.

Practical? Nah. Fun? Yep!

In box we missed it, Google indeed rolled out a “I’m Feeling Curious” search pretence final tumble as something of a dullness buster. However, some forked out during a time that a loading animation on a web chronicle of a underline also worked as a approach to showcase Google’s new trademark and identity, that had rolled out around a same time.

To trigger an “I’m Feeling Curious” hunt on a web, users had to form a word into a hunt box. The 3D Touch choice around a Google app idol is indeed a bit some-more obvious.

After dire a symbol – now a tip choice above image, voice and discerning searches – you’ll be presented with a pointless fact that’s pulled from a website in Google’s index, with Google joining to a source.

These pieces of trivia, presented in a form of a question, run a gamut. For example, some are about chronological events, others about cocktail culture, others about inlet or science, and so on – they’re not all that separate from those you’d find in a diversion like Trivial Pursuit, in fact.

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  2. IMG_2814

  3. IMG_2815

After we run a hunt once, we also have a choice to press a symbol to “ask another question” to keep playing. You can possibly plea yourself by not reading ahead, or play with others, by carrying a crony ask we questions. It can be a small addicting, and almost as fun as browsing Instagram when we have time to kill.

Google’s iOS app already upheld 3D Touch as of December, so this further is not indispensably meant to pull courtesy to a choice of hard-pressing on a app idol for Google Search shortcuts. If anything, it’s expected that Google is usually carrying a small fun itself. Of course, if it has a side outcome of boosting use of a Google app, I’m certain a association is usually excellent with that, too.

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