Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

Google to close down the India-focused Q&A app Neighbourly

Google is shutting down Neighbourly, a QA amicable app that it launched in Mumbai dual years ago, a association has sensitive users. A orator reliable a pierce to TechCrunch.

The app, grown by company’s Next Billion Initiative, directed to give internal communities an opening to find answers to unsentimental questions about life, slight and more.

At a time of a app’s launch, Google told TechCrunch that it believed that an boost in civic migration, short-term leasing and bustling lives had altered a energetic of internal communities and done it harder to share information utterly so easily.

Since it launch, Google stretched Neighbourly to some additional pockets of India including Delhi and Bangalore.

The app upheld voice-based entrance for questions and a operation of internal languages.

In an email, Google pronounced Neighbourly helped users find answers to over a million questions, though it did not get a traction a association was anticipating for. The app will close down on May 12, though users have another 6 months to download their data.

“We launched Neighbourly as a beta product in Mumbai, India in May, 2018. We set out to build a useful community app that would let neighbours assistance any other find answers to bland questions about their neighbourhoods. This was in line with Google’s goal to organize a world’s information and make it accessible to users everywhere, though a product hasn’t grown like we had hoped,” a Google orator told TechCrunch .

In a email to users, a association urged them to try Google Maps’ Local Guide, that also allows pity of believe with internal communities.

The app had such low-traction that third-party comprehension services such as App Annie and Sensor Tower don’t have any estimable information about it. But on Play Store, Neighbourly is listed to have some-more than 10 million downloads. The app was downloaded fewer than 5,000 times in Feb this year, according to Sensor Tower.

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