Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

Google to livestream Android O launch eventuality timed for sum solar eclipse

Google is regulating a astronomical eventuality to entrance a newest Android handling complement update: Android O is set to arrive on Aug 21, with a livestreamed phenomenon eventuality timed for 2:40 PM ET in NYC – that is roughly when a limit solar obscure is set to start for New York.

Android O will get a full exhibit during that time, that seems like kind of a uncanny time to do it given a lot of people will be examination a NASA obscure livestream that Google is also promoting, or staring during a sky (with a caveat, hopefully, that they have procured correct eyeglasses for protected viewing).

Google says that Android O will have some “super (sweet) new powers,” many of that we know all about interjection to pre-release builds and a Android O teaser Google supposing during a annual I/O developer eventuality this past May. WE know, for instance, that a presentation row has been altered significantly, and there’s new optimization program to urge battery life on all devices.

Also, it looks like it’s all though reliable that a central consumer name of Android O will be ‘Oreo,’ as has prolonged been speculated. Google always names a Android releases after honeyed treats, and O seems like a no-brainer for a iconic cookie. Also, inclusive leaker Evan Blass also posted this on Friday following a proclamation of a exhibit date and event:

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