Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

Google Somewhat Confirmed That Android O is Oreo – Could Be a Planned Move Too

Every year when Google reveals a new chronicle for a Android OS, a association also unleashes a name of a chronicle – a dessert’s name. Year on year, we have seen a fixing complement descending alphabetical-wise, this year it is for Android “O”. Since a initial preview of a OS, many Android fans have been rooting for “Oreo” as a name for a version. And it seems like Google is many expected to name Android 8.0 as Android Oreo.

Today, a teaser video post (now deleted) for Android O carried a record name “GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4”. After realising a large goofus up, a association pulled it down and uploaded a video with a new filename – “OctopusTeaser.mp4”. Well, this looks like a well-planned pierce to us. Google only wants to exam a waters or maybe provoke a fans and make them trust that Oreo is indeed a selected name for a version.

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Oatmeal Cookie?

To recall, final year many of us were entertaining for “Nutella” instead of “Nougat”, though Google took a highway reduction trafficked and named a chronicle Nougat, while unsatisfactory Nutella fans. However, in a box of Android “O”, there aren’t many desserts that start with an O, and Oreo looks like an apparent choice. But, we also schooled that Google is also deliberation “Oatmeal Cookie” as a intensity name.


Although Google deleted a video it posted, many were discerning adequate to squeeze a screenshot before it disappeared. The video posted by Google was to provoke a Aug 21st exhibit date for Android O and also for a Solar Eclipse. The record name, however, spilt a beans. Or maybe Google only wanted to emanate hum about it and afterwards maybe announce a opposite name. The association loves to give surprises, we swear.

The possibilities are only unconstrained when it comes to Google’s fixing game. All a speculations will find belligerent on Aug 21st when a association strictly reveals a name of a latest version. Until then, stay tuned with us for some-more news on Android O.

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