Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2021

Google slapped in France over dubious hotel star ratings

Google has resolved to compensate a €1.1 million excellent over dubious star ratings for hotels in France.

The tech hulk had been requesting a possess (algorithmic) complement of ratings for hotels practical around a hunt engine and on Google Maps. But behind in 2019, following a series of complaints by hoteliers, a French inhabitant foe and consumer watchdog (DGCCRF) instigated an review into this appropriateness rating system.

The examine suggested that a tech hulk had transposed a customary sequence complement of a open traveller house (Atout France) with a star rating complement powered by a possess criteria — and that it had practical to some-more than 7,500 establishments.

Safe to contend Google’s judgment of a “five star” hotel was not a same as a Atout France version. And a consumer watchdog found that Google’s arrangement for classifying traveller accommodation — including matching use of a tenure “stars” on a same scale from 1 to 5 — to be treacherous for consumers.

“This use was quite deleterious for consumers, misled about a turn of services what they could design when engagement accommodation. It also resulted in influence for hoteliers whose establishments were poorly presented as reduce ranked than in a central ranking of Atout France,” a watchdog writes in a press recover on a permit (which we’ve translated from French).

The DGCCRF resolved that Google had intent in a false business use — and, with a open prosecutor, it due a permit announced currently on Google Ireland (the tech giant’s European HQ) and Google France.

As good as similar to compensate a fine, Google has altered hotel star ratings in France — similar to arrangement a central Atout France ratings. So tourists in France can be assured that a five-star hotel they see on Google Maps has an central customary trustworthy to it that can’t be shabby by any of a common online expansion hacking tactics.

A orator for Google reliable a end of a DGCCRF’s action, revelation TechCrunch: “We have now staid with a DGCCRF and done a required changes to usually simulate a central French star rating for hotels on Google Maps and Search.”

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