Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Google shuts down the CES counter since it’s not waterproof

We were ostensible to get a small preview of Google’s CES counter forward of a central opening of CES today. But that wasn’t meant to be. See, it’s raining in Las Vegas and Google’s two-level outward CES counter clearly wasn’t meant to withstand rain. My theory is that its IP rating is substantially somewhere around 50.

For now, a counter is closed, with tarps covering a roof and all of a wiring inside and out.

Usually, this wouldn’t be a large deal, yet this is a initial time Google has exhibited during CES and a association clearly put a lot of suspicion and bid into a participation here.

The structure, that sits on a parking lots outward of a Las Vegas Convention Center, facilities a slip and copiousness of vaunt space inside to uncover off all of a new gadgets Google and a partners announced yesterday. One side is lonesome by a outrageous video wall, too. Clearly, this wasn’t a inexpensive endeavour and shutting it down for a day is apparently not what Google envisioned when it designed this.

For now, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get a demeanour inside since it doesn’t demeanour like a sleet will let adult until a afternoon.

To be fair, Google says that it close down a counter due to “concerns for reserve around a parking lot.” We were means to travel opposite a parking lot but any issues, though, and nobody stopped us.

Come behind tomorrow, when we’ll have a genuine debate of a counter and to see Tito make his approach down a Google slide.

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