Published On: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

Google Sheets Now Uses Machine Learning To Let Users Create Charts Through Natural Language Commands

Google Drive is finish with essential collection that assistance in editing, viewing, and pity papers online. Google Sheets is one of a collection on Drive that offer as an choice to Microsoft Excel. Today, Sheets has got a slew of nifty facilities for Sheets that will assistance users.

One of a primary facilities on Sheet is a ability to emanate draft automatically, formed on a already accessible spreadsheets. This apparatus will take a lot off work off user’s behind as Google’s absolute appurtenance takes caring of a rest. By clicking on a “explore” option, users can ask Google questions formed on spreadsheets, such as “bar draft for ice cream sales” and Google will uncover a draft that utilizes that data.

The new underline works a lot like a already accessible Sheet’s feature, that pulls information from difficult spreadsheets though a need to enter formulas, users can ask a elementary doubt and get preferred results. These facilities are done to make work easier and also gives an corner to Google Sheets over other spreadsheet programs.

Besides, Sheets is also adding extended sync between Google Docs and Google Slides. The association enclosed sync for charts in Docs and Slides, final year. Today, a same ability is being extended to tables. Now, users can copy-paste their information to other services, and afterwards click on a “Update” symbol to revive that information from a strange spreadsheet.


In a blog post, Daniel Gundrum, Product Manager Sheets, writes:

Try “SORTN,” a duty singular to Sheets, that can uncover we a tip 3 orders or best-performing months in a sales record spreadsheet. Sheets also supports statistical functions like “GAMMADIST,” “F.TEST” and “CHISQ.INV.RT.”

In further to all a above-mentioned features, Sheets is also removing improvements that were demanded by a users. One of these facilities is keyboard shortcuts to edit. Being an online service, some of a shortcuts or commands used in other identical services were not compatible, though now those commands will work on Google Sheets too. Also, users will now get options to adjust margins, scale, and fixing when printing. Similarly, modifying draft is done easier by adding a new sidebar to get all a collection during one place.

All these facilities will also be combined to Google Sheets iPhone/iPad app.

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