Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

Google Sheets gets macros

Google is rising a vital refurbish to Google Sheets currently that’ll make a life of spreadsheet jockeys only a tiny bit easier — and might only make a switch from Microsoft Excel a bit some-more tantalizing for some. That’s since with this update, Sheets users can now finally record macros. That’s a underline that has prolonged been partial of probably each other capability apartment though that was sorely blank in Google’s G Suite.

The new “record macros” feature, that sits in a Tools menu, does accurately what we consider it should do. You simply start your recording, go by your common stairs and when you’re done, all it takes to repeat all those stairs is to run a macro again. Never again will we have to spend mins on reformatting that same spreadsheet over and over again. Instead, you’ll have some-more time to play with your puppy (or get some-more work done, if you’re so inclined).

In a backend, Sheets indeed translates your macro into Apps Script code, that also means that if we wish to dive a bit deeper or make a tiny change, we can revise that script.

In further to macro support, this Sheets refurbish also brings a integrate of other features, including a ability to supplement page breaks (for when we imitation a spreadsheet), tradition paper sizes, new options for quarrel and mainstay organisation and a choice to spin a dungeon into a checkbox. You can now also organisation information in focus tables by time support (think week, month, year).

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