Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Google rolls out iOS widgets for Gmail, Drive and Fit; says Calendar and Chrome entrance soon

Google has updated a flagship iPhone apps with support for home shade widgets, a new underline of iOS 14. The association announced currently it’s rolling out new widgets for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Fit and soon, Google Calendar and Google Chrome, in sequence to put useful information on a home shade or to yield discerning entrance to common tasks. The association had already launched a widget for a Google Search app behind in September. 

The new widgets, for a many part, seem to be accessible home shade additions for anyone who frequently uses Google’s products. However, a Gmail widget is a small lacking.

While a Google Drive widget offers easy entrance to a integrate of your many new papers with a tap, a Gmail widget doesn’t let we preview your emails. Instead, we can daub to hunt your email or harmonise a new message, and there’s a symbol that displays your unread count. Of course, if we use iOS idol badges, we don’t need an whole widget to know how many emails are watchful for you.

Image Credits: Google

By comparison, some choice email apps are outdoing Gmail when it comes to iOS widgets. Basecamp’s Hey app, for instance, offers a accumulation of widgets that embody summary previews.

Even if Gmail couldn’t offer summary previews, it would have been engaging if a widget authorised users to configure it in some approach that was some-more useful to them personally.

For example, it could warning we to how many unread emails we have from a sold person, like your boss, or an email domain, like your work. Or how many were compared with a sold label. Or maybe it could warning we to how many unread emails in your Priority Inbox that are deliberate “important,” if we use that inbox configuration.

Image Credits: Google

Meanwhile, a Google Drive iOS widget includes discerning entrance to files and a hunt bar. The Google Fit widget creates it easy to lane your activity, including Heart Points and Steps, from a home screen.

Image Credits: Google

The approaching Google Calendar widget is not nonetheless out, though Google currently offering a demeanour during what’s to come. The widget looks a lot like a mini calendar, with a day’s appointments, built and color-code for easy reading. A daub will move we to your full calendar, as well.

A Chrome widget is also entrance soon, with support for a hunt bar, incognito mode, voice hunt and QR formula scanning — most like a categorical Google Search widget offers today.

All a widgets are accessible now solely for Calendar and Chrome. The former is approaching in a “coming weeks” and a latter “in a new year,” Google says.

Image Credits: Google

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