Published On: Tue, Mar 2nd, 2021

Google restarts updates for some iOS apps after prolonged postponement triggered by miss of remoteness labels

Google over a weekend began to refurbish many of a flagship iOS apps after a extensive check caused by a company’s disaster to supplement Apple’s newly compulsory remoteness labels in a timely fashion. Though Google progressing this year pronounced it would “soon” start to supplement a labels to a apps as they were updated, it has still nonetheless to do so for a series of pivotal properties — including Search, Photos, Assistant, Maps, Pay, Chrome and others.

Per Apple’s policy, developers can't emanate serve updates until remoteness labels are applied. That prevented Google from updating many of a tip apps for a most longer duration of time than common — generally for a association of a distance where teenager updates containing bug fixes and opening improvements are released on a unchanging basis.

Gmail, for example, hadn’t been updated for 3 months before a refurbish that rolled out this weekend.

According their iOS App Store listings, Slides, Docs, Sheets and Calendar all perceived updates this weekend, as well. And over a past integrate of weeks, updates for other newly labeled Google apps have also been restarted — including YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, Google Tasks and Google Podcasts, for example.

We’ve been tracking Google’s app updates here in Google Sheets. (Appfigures reliable a spreadsheet’s correctness by using it opposite a possess data.)

This weekend’s set of newly updated apps aren’t a usually ones from Google to have perceived their remoteness labels in 2021. Labels can be practical though arising an app refurbish that creates them harder to spot, sometimes.

Across Google’s full apartment of iOS apps, those apps with labels now include:

Google One, Google Podcasts, Google Stadia, Google Fit, Google Fi, Google Tasks, Google Chat, Onduo, Project Baseline, YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, YouTube Studio, Google Meet, Google Smart Lock, Motion Stills, Google Fiber, Google Ads, Wear OS, Google Calendar, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Play Movies, Google Home, Fiber TV, Google Translate and Google Authenticator.

Google has not pronounced because it is holding so prolonged to ask a labels. It primarily attributed a check to supplement a remoteness labels to a annual holiday formula solidify — a time of a year when a association pauses updates on a apps while many people take time off.

But as a weeks incited into months, it was transparent that Google was holding a most some-more discreet and process proceed to requesting a labels than other vast tech companies. As a result, it’s perceived increasing courtesy and inspection of a app updates.

In fact, each time a new Google app was updated with a label, it done headlines.

Engadget currently reported on Gmail and other apps being updated over a weekend, for example.

In mid-January, Google strictly responded to a oddity over a delays with a blog post explaining that a iOS apps would accept remoteness labels as it perceived a subsequent update. But a dual have not indispensably left hand-in-hand. Gmail perceived a remoteness tag behind on Feb 22, according to reports, though hadn’t been updated until only now.

And a list of labeled apps is distant longer than a list of updated ones.

Google has not responded to a ask for criticism during this time.

Google to supplement App Store remoteness labels to a iOS apps as shortly as this week


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