Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

Google Releases Uptime for iPhone – an App for Watching YouTube Videos with Friends

Google has expelled a new iPhone-only app called Uptime. It lets we watch YouTube videos with your friends in real-time.

Google Boosts a Mobile App Portfolio with Release of Uptime – No News of Android Version Just Yet

There’s zero improved than throwing adult on an glorious small YouTube video with your friend. But a problem is: if they aren’t in a same room, afterwards there’s no approach to watch that new viral phenomenon, until or unless we send a couple to them. However, if we have Google’s new iPhone app commissioned on your device, called Uptime, afterwards defiantly we can grasp wonders.

In a nutshell, a app lets we watch YouTube videos with your friends in real-time. But not usually that, we can criticism or share reactions there and then. Furthermore, we have a choice to curate a list of favorite YouTube videos that we can afterwards share with your friends. Hence we are not singular to usually one video. Lastly, we will get recommendations formed on a people we follow.

Uptime is a place to share and watch videos together with friends. Easily share your favorite YouTube video and move friends together to watch, chat, and have fun.

– Watch videos together with friends.
– Interact and discuss while examination videos.
– Share and curate your favorite YouTube videos.
– Get daily video recommendations from friends and people we follow.

The app is accessible for iPhone users usually and there’s no word either or not it would be accessible for Android. Whenever it is though, we will surprise a users about it. Also, a app is singular for a few people. But if we enter a ‘PIZZA’ or ‘SUNNY’ entice code, we can burst into movement in no time. You can download a app by drumming on a couple below. It’s positively free.

  • Download Uptime for iPhone

Having given a app a spin on my iPhone for a few minutes, we have to acknowledge that it’s a fun small square of software. But the long-run value we competence get out of this will not be that astonishing. Still, it’s value giving a shot, and if we do, let us know how it fared for we in a comments territory below.

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