Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Google Releases Oct Security Patch For Pixel and Nexus Devices – Direct Links OTA Files and Factory Images

Google usually expelled Oct confidence refurbish for Pixel and Nexus devices. While final month’s confidence refurbish skipped schedule, Google stranded to report for Oct update. As usual, a refurbish brings an array of bug fixes along with confidence patches.

Unlike Nougat, Oreo has fewer unaccompanied conduit builds for a Pixel and Pixel XL devices. A singular build caters to Project Fi and Canadian carriers while a rest are grouped underneath “Other carriers” version. Notably, Canadian conduit Rogers usually mentions confidence rags in this update.

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Coming to a issues that were resolved with Oct update, a sum of 8 issues were bound in a confidence patch antiquated Oct 1, 2017, while 6 have been taken caring of on Oct 5, 2017, patch. Google states that a dual confidence patch turn strings offer “Android partners with a coherence to some-more fast repair a subset of vulnerabilities that are identical opposite all Android devices.” The refurbish also takes caring of 38 additional fixes.

There has been a dedicated territory for Pixel/Nexus inclination in a confidence bulletin, and starting today, we are saying a new territory for Google phones and tablets too.

Vulnerabilities bound in a Oct patch

Just like prior confidence patches, this one also takes caring of several vulnerabilities trimming from assuage to critical. The many vicious disadvantage was a remote formula execution that could take over inclination when browsing, promulgation emails, or MMS. Google states that a disadvantage has not influenced any user yet, though a hazard lingers and that’s because confidence updates are posted each month.

Other issues resolved in a Oct refurbish are DNS vulnerabilities and Dnsmasq associated exploits. Google also records that it has perceived no reports for the active patron exploitation or abuse of a latest reported issues.

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Here are a approach links for OTA files and Factory Images:

Factory Images

  • Pixel XL: Android 8.0 —OPR1.170623.027 (Fi/Canada), OPR3.170623.008 — Factory Image (2)
  • Pixel: Android 8.0 —OPR1.170623.027  (Fi/Canada), OPR3.170623.008 — Factory Image (2)
  • Pixel C: Android 8.0 —OPR1.170623.027 — Factory Image
  • Nexus 6P: Android 8.0 — OPR5.170623.007 — Factory Image
  • Nexus 5X: Android 8.0 —OPR4.170623.009 — Factory Image
  • Nexus 6: Android 7.1.1 —N6F27M, NGI77B (Verizon)  — Factory Image (2)
  • Nexus 9 (LTE): Android 7.1.1 — N4F27P — Factory Image
  • Nexus 9: Android 7.1.1 —N9F27M — Factory Image

OTA Files

  • Pixel XL: Android 8.0 —OPR1.170623.027 (Fi/Canada), OPR3.170623.008 — OTA (2)
  • Pixel: Android 8.0 —OPR1.170623.027  (Fi/Canada), OPR3.170623.008 — OTA (2)
  • Pixel C: Android 8.0 —OPR1.170623.027 — OTA
  • Nexus 6P: Android 8.0 — OPR5.170623.007 — OTA
  • Nexus 5X: Android 8.0 —OPR4.170623.009 — OTA
  • Nexus 6: Android 7.1.1 —N6F27M, NGI77B (Verizon)  — OTA (2)
  • Nexus 9 (LTE): Android 7.1.1 — N4F27P — OTA
  • Nexus 9: Android 7.1.1 —N9F27M — OTA

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