Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

Google rebrands the business apps as G Suite, upgrades apps & announces Team Drive

Google announced now that a now ten-year aged use Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Your Domain), is removing rebranded nonetheless again. This time around, a association will call it “G Suite.” Sounds some-more hip, right? Alongside a news, Google also noted a handful of upgrades and improvements in G Suite’s existent product lineup, that includes apps like Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, and more.

But initial of all: G Suite?

Google claims a name improved reflects a goal of assisting people everywhere work and innovate together. Okay then.

Ryan Tabone, Google’s executive of product government for a G Suite, also told us that the company wanted to make it transparent to potential craving users that that this is a unified collection of collection and not simply a set of particular offerings.

The company then highlighted a flourishing use of appurtenance comprehension – something Google has been investing in for over a decade – opposite G Suite’s products. Already, this record has been used in a accumulation of other efforts, including instant translation and photo recognition, for example. It also powers the Smart Reply feature in Inbox, launched final year.

Today, Google says that it’s bringing appurtenance comprehension to some-more services, starting with Google Drive.

A new underline called Quick Access in Drive on Android will take 50% off a normal time it takes to get to a right file, by expelling a need to hunt for it, says Google. Instead, appurtenance training will envision that record we need before we form and afterwards arrangement those nearby a tip of a screen.


The record is means to make a intelligent theory about a record we competence need formed on things like your Drive activity, as good as your communication with colleagues and your workday patterns like recurring group meetings or unchanging reviews of forecasting spreadsheets, explains Google.

Meanwhile, Google Calendar’s Smart Scheduling feature, that was already live on Android, is now nearing on iOS, too, and will strike a web by year-end. This feature, again powered by appurtenance intelligence, helps advise assembly times and accessible bedrooms formed on users’ preferences and other insights.


Other improvements that have benefitted from appurtenance training embody an Explore underline in Google Sheets, that lets we enter a doubt in healthy language. The module afterwards uses Natural Language Processing to interpret that question into a regulation and gives you an present answer.

Tabone remarkable that this is a heart of what could be a really simple business comprehension system, too, though on an even some-more simple level, he told us that a third of Sheets users doesn’t know how formulas work. Using healthy denunciation queries will now concede these users to bypass formulas and still get some-more value out of Sheets.


Explore is also now nearing in Google Docs in sequence to recommend associated topics to learn about, images to insert and some-more calm to discover, says Google. It can indicate we to a associated ask in Drive, as well.

And it’s entrance to Google Slides to offer blueprint suggestions. To get these suggestions, we usually have to dump an picture into a slide. While Google doesn’t now investigate a calm of a image, it does demeanour during a tone taste and fortitude to establish a layout.

Team Drives

In further to a new features, Google is rising a new product now called Team Drives.

This Google Drive charity focuses on handling calm tenure and pity during a group level, and introduces new roles that concede for some-more granular control over a content. It radically gives teams a common cloud storage space. Tabone tells us that Google indeed had to do a rewrite of a record smoke-stack that powers Drive to capacitate this feature.

While it’s roughly startling that Google didn’t already offer this capability to share drives, Tabone remarkable that the attention as a whole mostly focused on particular capability until now — and usually recently started meditative about how to best capacitate teams to work together.

However, Team Drives are usually now apropos accessible by an Early Adopter Program, that follows a singular preview Google had run with a tiny series of customers.


Through a identical Early Adopter program, companies can ask entrance to an upgraded chronicle of Google Hangouts, too. The revamped product will need no downloads or plugins, and will let anyone join from any device, even though an comment or information connection. The new user interface will support adult to 50 video participants. It will also confederate with Calendar and support present shade pity and recording.

Google tells us that a group is already meditative about which other Hangouts facilities it can capacitate now that it has laid a groundwork with this new version. Tabone wasn’t utterly prepared to tell us about specific features, though collection like automatic transcripts and call analytics seem like generally low-hanging fruit.


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