Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

Google puts an finish to Chrome prolongation installs from third-party sites

Google now announced a vital change to a Chrome Web Store process that aims to defense users from websites that try to dope them into installing their Chrome extensions. Until now, developers who tell their apps in a Web Store could also trigger app and prolongation installs from their possess websites. Too often, though, developers total these supposed “inline installs” with false information on their sites to get users to implement them. Unsurprisingly, that’s not utterly a knowledge Google had in mind when it enabled this underline behind in 2011, so now it’s shutting it down.

Starting today, inline designation will be taken to all newly published extensions. Developers who use a customary process for job for an implement from their site will see that their users will get redirected to a Chrome Web Store to finish a installation.

Come Sep 12, 2018, all inline installs of existent extensions will be close down and users will be redirected to a store, too. Come Dec and a launch of Chrome 71, a API that now allows for this approach of installing extensions will go away.

“As we’ve attempted to residence this problem over a past few years, we’ve schooled that a information displayed alongside extensions in a Chrome Web Store plays a vicious purpose in ensuring that users can make sensitive decisions about either to implement an extension,” James Wagner, a product manager for a extensions platform, writes in today’s update. “When commissioned by a Chrome Web Store, extensions are significantly reduction expected to be uninstalled or means user complaints, compared to extensions commissioned by inline installation.”

As Wagner notes, inline installations have been an emanate for a prolonged time. Back in 2015, for example, sites that attempted to mistreat users into installing extensions by removing them to click on feign ads or blunder messages were a categorical issue.

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