Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

Google Pulls Mar Security Update For Nexus 6 Due To Android Pay Violation

Nexus 6 can simply be tagged underneath Google’s personal favourite phones as a tech hulk still continues to support a device by updates even nonetheless it is on a verge of channel a 2-year refurbish guarantee bridge. The phone recently got a ambience of Nougat, that is a final vital refurbish though it will still keep removing monthly confidence patches. However, in a new spin of events, a Mar confidence refurbish for a Nexus 6 seems to be tormented by security issues inspiring Android Pay, and Google pulled it divided to fix.

The OTA refurbish for Mar confidence patch is drilling into reserve facilities of a device. It apparently breaks SafetyNet, that is a Android API that checks if your Android device has been rooted. As an aftermath, Google pulled a refurbish until serve announcement. The Mar confidence refurbish did not run into any such emanate on other Android inclination that perceived it recently. Due to a confidence issue, a refurbish also infirm Android Pay on Nexus 6 units that commissioned a confidence patch.

The emanate was brought into light by Nexus 6 owners on Reddit and Twitter. Soon after noticing a issue, Google pulled a refurbish and expelled a matter observant that it is wakeful of a problem. The tech hulk also settled that it is operative on anticipating a means of a malfunction.

Payment apps like Android Pay are rarely reliant on a reserve of a device, and if a SafetyNet gets compromised, afterwards such apps stop operative on a influenced device. As this refurbish has a lot to do with SafetyNet API, a approach impact of a emanate falls on Android Pay. If your Nexus 6 is not means to run Android Pay, afterwards it is due to this issue, and we have to wait for Google’s repair to start regulating a app again. As an all around action, Google also pulled a Mar refurbish bureau and OTA images for a Nexus 6 from a developers website.

We design Google to come adult with a repair soon, until afterwards it would be improved to demeanour for alternatives if you’re an zealous Android Pay user. If your Nexus 6 is operative totally excellent and we can use Android Pay, afterwards your device has not got a refurbish nonetheless and substantially won’t get it until Google restarts a routine with a uninformed update.

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