Published On: Thu, Sep 7th, 2017

Google publishes the support character beam for developers

Documentation is mostly an afterthought — generally for open-source projects. That can make it harder for newcomers to join a project, for example, and infrequently badly created support is worse than carrying no support during all. To assistance developers write improved documentation, Google this week non-stop adult a possess developer-documentation character guide.

This is a same character beam Google uses internally for essay a support of a possess projects like Kubernetes and Dart.

The beam itself includes all from a word list to safeguard a unchanging spelling of a attention lingo (it’s “data center,” not “datacenter,” for example), how to use hyphens (and when not to), because we should use active voice and other basics. What developers might caring some-more about, though, is that a beam also talks about how to write good API formula comments and how to best request command-line syntax.

Other companies, including Atlassian, WordPress and Salesforce, have also done their character guides public, yet few are utterly as in-depth as Google’s, generally when it comes to a basics.

The group behind a character beam records that this is a vital request and it will change over time. It also stressed that this is only one approach of doing things — and in a universe where a proponents of a MLA beam still frequently get into fistfights with a Chicago-style coterie and fans of a AP Stylebook (which we kind of follow here during TC), that’s a good thing to keep in mind.

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