Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2019

Google Play Votes Mario Kart Tour As One Of The ‘Best Casual Games’ For 2019


Mario Kart Tour has had a really successful initial few months on a road, generating millions of dollars in income and even going on to be a most-downloaded giveaway diversion on a Apple Store this year, notwithstanding rising in September. Now, it’s removing even some-more recognition.

Google Play has listed a pretension in a ‘Best Casual Games’ list for 2019. The list is done adult of 5 games in total, with Mario sitting alongside Golf Peaks, Toy Story Drop!, Vineyard Valley, and Fishing Life (which sounds like a enormous name for a website, if we ask us).

Nintendo seems to be rather unapproachable of a listing, braggadocio about it on a amicable media channels progressing today:

If we haven’t already, make certain to check out a London eventuality that is now holding place inside Mario Kart Tour. Oh, and let us know if you’ve been enjoying your time with a app in a comments below.

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