Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Google Play Store Version 8.2.58 Is Now Available – [Download APK]

After scarcely a week, a hunt hulk is finally releasing a new Play Store APK for we to play with. Google’s latest Play Store APK is now adult for grabs, hopefully bringing something new and exciting. The latest chronicle brings some improvements and visible changes to a store, gripping a new Game add-on that has been receiving churned reviews. Link to download Play Store chronicle 8.2.58 has been common below.

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Download Play Store APK chronicle 8.2.58

Google is now rolling out a latest Play Store APK chronicle 8.2.58, bringing some improvements and bug fixes. You can download a Play Store APK v8.2.58 from a couple common after in this post. This release follows Play Store chronicle 8.1.73, 8.2.32, 8.2.36, 8.2.38, chronicle 8.2.55, and 8.2.56 that have been sent out in a final month.

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The final Play Store refurbish did move a tiny UI change with a dedicated Game button. Previously, Google has also expelled other important pattern changes, including a new navigation bar below the existent tabs. This new bar works like a sub-menu for a existent tab, replacing a array of buttons with a same labels. You will see these new navigational, nested bars everywhere in a Play Store app unless we are inside an app inventory or a hunt formula screen.

While it is endorsed to wait for a central updates instead of installing APK files from a web, if we are gentle with a process, here is a couple to a latest version, weighing in during over 18.27 MB.

  • Download APK chronicle 8.2.58

You can download a Play Store APK like any other APK and continue to accept updates from Google like we did before this installation. We always suggest a readers to keep their Play Store updated to a latest chronicle to be certain that we are holding advantage of all a new changes, bug fixes, and horizon improvements.

This latest Google Play Store refurbish also brings some bug fixes and underneath a hood opening improvements, as is common with these visit Play Store updates.

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