Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Google Play seems to be following Apple to $20 4k movies

As partial of a iPhone betray progressing this month, Apple also announced a new 4K Apple TV and surfaced it all off with $20 cost tags for 4K HDR titles. In fact, Apple betrothed to automatically ascent formerly purchased films to 4K for no additional charge.

Now, it’s looking like Google might be following Apple’s lead, with some new UHD films on Play Movies labelled during $19.99.

Android Police is stating that newly expelled titles like Spider Man Homecoming and Baby Driver have been expelled during $20.

Just yesterday, Amazon fell in line with Apple’s selected price, dropping 4K titles to $19.99, with some as inexpensive as $5.

The WSJ reported in late Aug that Apple went conduct to conduct with Hollywood over a $20 cost indicate for 4K movies, as studios allegedly wanted to assign between $5 and $10 some-more per title.

Obviously, Apple won out in a finish pricing 4K films during $20. So we have Apple to appreciate for cheaper UHD films on both Amazon and, seemingly, Google.

We’ve reached out to Google to endorse a news by Android Police and will refurbish a post if/when we hear back.

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