Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Google Play Movies Now Offering 4K Movies At As Low As $19.99, Apple TV 4K Effect?

Google seems to be holding foe with Apple flattering seriously, that is because it has lowered a pricing for 4K HDR calm on Google Play Movies. As we know, progressing this month, Apple announced Apple TV with 4K HDR capability during obtuse pricing.

But this is usually a commencement of 4K HDR calm on Play Movies, and usually a few cinema are accessible in a HDR format. One of a cinema on offer is Spider-Man: Homecoming that is also accessible on Apple TV and VUDU, during a pricing of customary HD content.

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Sony Pictures has partnered with both Apple and Google Play Movies. Other cinema in Google’s catalog are Passengers and Baby Driver, listed during $19.99 for a UHD versions. However, these are usually a few cinema during that pricing, other cinema from Sony and other studios like 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Universal, are listed during adult to $29.99 for UHD versions. For example, Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman is listed during $29.99.

Google Play Movies

After saying a listings, it looks like Sony and Google are contrast users’ response for 4K video calm on Play Movies and VUDU. Maybe, they will move some-more calm during customary pricing if a user response is encouraging. Or maybe studios are going to renovate their pricing for 4K calm opposite all a platforms.

Amazon is also holding a same route

Also, Google is not a usually one following Apple TV 4K in inventory UHD cinema for as low as $19.99. Just yesterday, Amazon also forsaken a pricing to $19.99, and some titles were accessible for as small as $5.

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We will keep lane of Google Play Movies for a subsequent few weeks to see how it continues to adjust a pricing as Apple TV 4K is impending a launch. Until then, maybe we can try examination Spider-Man Homecoming in 4K. We should be thanking Apple for starting a trend, as now other services are holding a same route. It will be engaging to see if 4K calm is done accessible during even cheaper rates in a entrance weeks. Stay tuned with us to know some-more about it.

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