Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017, BlackRock and others dedicate $2.2 million to Fast Forward’s nonprofit tech accelerator

As impact investing gains traction in a market, a new accelerator for tech nonprofits called Fast Forward has lifted $2.2 million in munificent appropriation from a nonprofit arms of some of a world’s largest companies and financial services firms.

BlackRock,, Comcast NBCUniversal, and ATT assimilated Zendesk,, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a Nasiri and Rita Allen Foundations and a Omidyar Network in a financing. The not-for-profit accelerator pronounced that a supports would be used to continue to build products that request record to a nonprofit world.

While attention has a advantage of entrance to a latest technologies, a munificent universe has lagged behind. Fast Forward has set itself adult with a goal to assistance launch products and services that residence a needs of a nonprofit sector.

The accelerator has launched programs like the initial Job Board exclusively for tech nonprofit jobs, house positions, and proffer opportunities; a Global Tech Nonprofit Community; and a initial tech nonprofit summit, Accelerate Good Global, according to a statement.

So far, a accelerator has worked with 23 alumni companies, that have lifted $28 million in follow-on appropriation to support projects that have shabby 18 million people, according to a statement.

Corporate participants in a module embody HPE, and Bloomberg in further to a investors listed above.

“We are vehement to continue ancillary Fast Forward and their goal of regulating record to solve dire amicable problems,” pronounced Jody Kochansky, conduct of BlackRock’s Aladdin Product Group, in a statement.

“BlackRock began as a startup itself, mixing attention imagination with a energy of new technologies. Having a recommendation and superintendence of gifted professionals can be a determining cause in a startup’s success,” Kochansky pronounced in a statement. “By dedicating a resources and a imagination of a employees to Fast Forward’s Summer Accelerator, we have a event to assistance a new stand of startups rise solutions for some of a many poignant problems in a communities.”

Services companies in Fast Forward’s latest collection include:

  • Beyond 12 – a mentorship use for first-generation college students

  • Concrn – an choice to a 911 dispatch service

  • IssueVoter – a inactive information use for domestic issues

  • LibreTaxi – an open-source ridesharing app for remote communities

  • MindRight – an SMS-based coaching use for teenage mental health and support

  • MyHealthEd – a text-based sex preparation focus for center schoolers

  • Online SOS – an programmed support use for victims of online harassment

  • Onward – an employer-directed advantage height to assistance low-wage workers in times of financial instability

  • Raheem.AI – a chatbot to rate and news military interactions

Kevin Barenblat and Shannon Farley launched Fast Forward in 2014 to request a gaunt startup and smallest viable product indication to technologies practical to a non-profit sector.

The 9 companies in Fast Forward’s latest conspirator will accept a $25,000 grant, mentorship from vetted veterans of a business and non-profit world, and introductions to other non-profit founders and financiers, according to a matter from a organization.

Fast Forward participants build their services during a three-month module that culminates in dual demo days — one in San Francisco and one in Silicon Valley, where founders will be means to representation their ideas to munificent donors to lift additional capital.

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin

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