Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Google Now Allowing Project Fi Customers To Check Their Invite Status

Early adopters who sealed adult for Project Fi, Google’s recently announced initiative to provide its own cellular service, can now keep improved tabs on a standing of their requested entice thanks to a new online apparatus Google rolled out this week. Potential Project Fi customers were alerted to a accessibility of a apparatus by approach of an email that sensitive them that they could now lane a standing of their entice around a Project Fi sign-up page.

Unfortunately, for many customers, a new page isn’t nonetheless display a timeframe.

While a series of users news saying approaching timeframes of “3-4 weeks” or “4-8 weeks,” for example, many others are instead being shown a summary that reads “We’re still last your status. Check behind here for updates.” (Not so useful!)

And notwithstanding steady requests from users on Twitter, a support comment for Project Fi hasn’t offering an reason of what carrying no supposing timeframe means, or when those users should design to see an update.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 during 1.25.48 PM


What’s engaging is that those whose entice standing is still total embody people who sealed adult on day one. In other words, invites don’t seem to be rolling out formed on who asked initial – Google is clearly regulating some other criteria to establish which invites are being processed. It’s likely that a association is creation determinations formed on zip formula and mobile coverage, as a network involves regulating a special Project Fi SIM label that allows a Nexus 6 Android smartphone to run on tip of Sprint and T-Mobile’s mobile networks.

The association pronounced progressing this open that Project Fi invites would hurl out to everybody by mid-summer, observant then that an online apparatus to check entice standing would shortly turn available.

Users’ seductiveness in a new network has a lot to do with a affordability. Project Fi is a contract-free MVNO with skeleton that start during $20 per month for total speak and text, and Wi-Fi tethering support. You afterwards compensate for information as we go during $10 per GB. In addition, users will accept credit for new information during a finish of a month.

The use is also integrated with Google Hangouts, permitting users to place calls from their mobile series on tablets and laptops, as good as from their phone.

Though many are still watchful on their Project Fi invites, some have already perceived their Nexus 6 and SIM card, and are pity their unboxing images opposite amicable media, as seen below.

  1. projectfi9

  2. projectfi8

  3. projectfi7

  4. projectfi6

  5. projectfi5

  6. projectfi4

  7. projectfi3

  8. projectfi2

  9. projectfi1

Image credits, around Google+: John Blossom, Fernando M., Robert Nelson, Ian Lake

Project Fi Unboxing, around YouTube:

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