Published On: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018

Google moves into Shenzhen in latest China expansion

A month after announcing skeleton to open a initial AI lab in China, Google is expanding again by a pierce into Shenzhen.

The U.S. tech hulk has non-stop an bureau in a Chinese city, that borders Hong Kong and famous for being a tellurian hardware hub, according to an inner email performed by TechCrunch. This isn’t a fully-blown Google campus, instead a association has taken adult space within a serviced bureau starting this week.

“We have many critical clients and partners in Shenzhen. We’re environment adult this e-suite bureau to be means to promulgate and work with them better,” a orator told TechCrunch in a matter confirming a news.

Here’s a brief email that was sent to staff:

Hello China Googlers,

I wish your 2018 is off to a good start! we wish to give we all a heads adult about a new workspace we’ve non-stop in Shenzhen. As we competence know, we have a series of Googlers in China who transport to a Shenzhen area for business on a unchanging basis. We’ve listened a lot of feedback that there was a need for a space to work from while in a area—so, after a few months of scouting, we recently sealed a franchise for a serviced bureau in Shenzhen. The space non-stop this week and is now adult and running. We’re carefree this will yield Googlers with a gentle bottom to work from in a area.

Shenzhen is home to Tencent, a $500 billion organisation behind WeChat, and mobile giants Huawei and ZTE, while a likes of Alibaba and Baidu are also present. The city has a abounding builder community, that includes tellurian hardware accelerator module HAX.

Google now has offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

There’s many to puncture into around a hunt giant’s arriving China-based AI lab, which taps into China’s flourishing AI talent pool and could vigilance a pierce to building China-focused products. That, and a re-launch of Google Translate app in China last year, gave fuel to a thought that a organisation is ‘back’ in China. The Shenzhen participation is a some-more pointed development, a curtsy to a significance of a city for Google’s business.

The Shenzhen bureau is expected to be used by a series of teams that already spend a lot of time in a city. Google motionless that something some-more permanent was preferable to operative out of hotels or open spaces. The firm’s China-based sales team, a hardware group and those in logistics, sourcing, supply are many expected to make use of it.

Further down a line it seems probable that Google competence opt for an bureau space that is some-more permanent — and some-more Googly — though for now we know that there’s no timeline for that.

The Shenzhen bottom also reflects Google’s position following a $1.1 billion deal to acquire a vast cube of HTC’s smartphone business. As a news from The Information recently noted, Google has also ramped adult a hardware efforts in China. Its headcount for a Shanghai-based hardware engineering burst to some-more than 100 from only 20 one year ago, a announcement said.

“I design Google to make a Home products and some-more in Shenzhen. No doubt they have staff visiting frequently,” Benjamin Joffe, General Partner during HAX, told TechCrunch.

“Considering a pull they had during CES and a fact that they are expanding a product line there will substantially be some-more Googlers to join a ranks of Apple, Amazon and other companies’ staff in a watering holes and eateries of Shenzhen, in Nanshan or Futian,” he added.

Recapping a initial TechCrunch China eventuality in Shenzhen

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