Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Google Marks Early Shutdown Issue On Pixel Devices As ‘Future Release’

Looks like Android 7.1.2 refurbish competence usually repair a early shutdown emanate on some Pixel phones. Last week, reports started issuing in about a bug on Google’s latest phones that causes an early shutdown even when a battery is during 30 percent and restarts usually when it is connected to a charger. It was not an removed box as many Pixel users took to Reddit for stating a issue.

In a latest growth on this matter, Google updated a tracking sheet for early shutdown emanate on Pixel and Pixel XL phones by imprinting it as “future release.” Now that could meant dual things – possibly Android 7.1.2 could be a update that solves a emanate on Pixel phones or Google is working on a separate update focused on elucidate a early shutdown emanate only. It is value mentioning that Public beta images for Android 7.1.2 Nougat are now accessible for these concordant inclination – Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, and Nexus Player. Pixel owners can download a bureau images and OTA record manually (from here) and peep it on their device.

Similar Issue on Nexus 6P

The early shutdown problem is not singular to Pixel phones; a same bug had been vivid Huawei’s Nexus 6P users for utterly some time. Many Nexus 6P users reported that their device shuts down even when a battery is during 25 or 30 percent. The emanate tormented a device after it got a Nougat update. Unfortunately, Nougat refurbish has brought many bugs for a Nexus 6P.

Earlier, Huawei ruled out a problem on Nexus 6P as program related, yet even a users who rolled behind a phone to Marshmallow chronicle kept confronting a same problem. Many users started angry about a flourishing problem, and that led Huawei to demeanour into a matter with Google. The association is nonetheless to exhibit a means of a problem.

A Nexus 6P user reported a emanate on Reddit, he wrote:

“Since upgrading to nougat my 6P frequently close down when it gets to 15% battery (this infrequently happens as high as 20-30% yet is routinely 15%). The phone flashes orange to go into battery saving mode and shuts down concurrently. The phone won’t spin behind on though charging. When on assign and powered behind on a battery will uncover as being during slightest 15% full.”

Even yet Nexus 6P users are still struggling with a same problem, yet for Pixel users, Google is operative on a destiny recover that will heal a early shutdown issue. We do wish that a “future release” is nothing other than Android 7.1.2 refurbish that’s now accessible as open beta.

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