Published On: Sat, Dec 9th, 2017

Google Maps will shortly tell we when it’s time to get off your sight or bus

Google is about to launch a tiny yet useful refurbish to Google Maps that will give we live superintendence and interactive real-time notifications during your journey.

The thought here is to give we real-time updates while we are on your movement journey. These updates will seem in a Google Maps app and, maybe many importantly, on your Android tighten screen.

To get started, we hunt for your movement directions in Google Maps as usual. So far, so good. What’s new here is that you’ll shortly be means to daub a “start” symbol during a bottom a shade with a sum about your movement tour and afterwards get live updates as we travel or float on your internal buses and trains.

Our bargain is that Google Maps will even remind we to get off your sight or sight when we get tighten to your stop. That’s really useful when you’re roving somewhere new (or sleepy).

The notifications on a tighten shade are also new. One nifty underline here is that they are interactive, so we can corkscrew right by your journey’s steps.

While Google Maps always did a good pursuit of giving we minute movement directions (though it’s mostly nowhere as good and useful as CityMapper’s some-more minute directions), a routine generally concerned gripping lane of your possess swell along a route. With this update, movement notifications turn a bit some-more like regulating Maps for walking, biking and driving.

We design this refurbish to go live shortly — and Google might already be contrast it outward of a devoted tester community. If you’re already saying it in Google Maps yourself, let us know in a comments.



Featured Image: NurPhoto/Getty Images

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