Published On: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2017

Google Maps will let we share your plcae with friends and family for a specific duration of time

Google Maps has currently announced a new underline to concede we to share your plcae with others. While that competence seem creepy, it’s not a initial to supplement this form of functionality. Facebook tells we when a crony is circuitously – it even lets we “wave” during them and gives we a choice to send a summary if they howl back. Foursquare’s Swarm lets we check in wherever we are and both Lyft and Uber give we a choice of saying where your crony is if they share their float plcae with you.

Now Google Maps will let you tell your friends where we are and give them directions to your location. It will also let we collect a special crony (like a family member, spouse or adore interest, for example) to share your plcae with long-term.

If Google’s new further sounds familiar, that’s since a association several years ago used to offer a identical choice called Latitude, that was also built into Google Maps. But in 2013, Google motionless to instead roll location-sharing into a amicable network Google+ as it exited a business of check-ins and real-time tracking in Maps.

However, it was arguably a mistake to lift plcae pity from Google Maps where it worked best and done a many sense. Without a option, many users spin to location-sharing currently around third-party apps, family locators, or even iMessage, that currently includes a own, similarly-designed plcae pity function. There’s even a new maps app designed privately for people following any others’ cars on prolonged highway trips.

The new underline is permitted now though you’ll need to set it adult for any particular first. To do so, daub a blue dot indicating where we are in a map or go to a side menu in a app and daub “Get Started.” After that, usually follow a same though instead daub “Share Location” afterwards select any series of contacts we wish to share your plcae with for a few minutes, hours, months or on an persisting basis.

Those who don’t have Google Maps can share by a brief couple around SMS. (Of course, usually share that brief couple with someone we trust adequate not to post it to a internet or share with others we don’t know or wish anticipating you.)

Location pity can be a useful underline during times, but it’s also diligent with intensity calamity scenarios — violation adult with a poignant other and forgetful you’ve set them to a always-on environment in plcae pity within a app, for example.

This is one of a reasons because Facebook recently dialed behind on plcae pity in a “Nearby Friends” feature. Up until a finish of final year, a underline let your Facebook friends see your accurate plcae on a map when we had a choice enabled. And it offering a ability to possibly temporarily or henceforth share your plcae with others we selected.

But users who forgot about carrying plcae pity enabled were opening themselves adult to being tracked and potentially stalked. It also lent a arrange of creepy vibe to a amicable network that’s currently focused on vouchsafing users some-more precisely control what information they’re sharing, and with whom.

Facebook in Dec motionless to lift out the precise plcae sharing component in Nearby Friends and now offers to uncover proximities and neighborhoods instead.

Google acknowledged location pity is a supportive topic but told TechCrunch, “This is about creation things simple, permitted and giving people that entrance to transparency…Anyone with bad intentions can find many other apps and means out there. We are focused on adding on that covering of convenience.”

Google during slightest aims to make certain we don’t forget carrying left a plcae sharing setting enabled. The association says you should get a presentation each dual to 3 weeks reminding we that you’ve left a underline on. Google also mentioned it has a open process group operative with CORA  (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) to assistance surprise a pattern of plcae pity facilities opposite Google products, including this new further to Maps.

The new feature comes during a time when Google has been fast adding stretched functionality to a Maps application, in light of a hazard of a now better-performing Apple Maps. Over a past several months, Google has combined things like the ability to lane where you’ve parked, prominence into a parking conditions during your destination, integrated ride-sharing, a bookmarking and bucket list option, a ability to supplement pits stops on a route, and it redesigned a app’s interface for easier entrance to common needs, like info on traffic, transit, and places.

Location pity is rolling out shortly on iOS, Android and a desktop to users worldwide.

[Post updated to explain a timing of a feature’s launch – not all users will see a underline today, as it’s a staged rollout.]

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