Published On: Wed, Jun 14th, 2017

Google Maps updates the Local Guides module with a new points complement and some-more levels

Local Guides in Google Maps, Google’s gamified module for removing a users to refurbish information in Google Maps and upload photos of internal venues, is removing a bit of an renovate today. Most importantly, Google is changing how it rewards points and how a leveling complement works.

Until today, Local Guides users we means to scale a ladder adult to a fifth level. Once we strike 500 points, there unequivocally wasn’t most proclivity to continue given that we had already done it to a top. With this update, Google is adding 5 levels that take utterly a few some-more points to reach. To make it to Level 10, we need to get 100,000 points. Even removing to Level 7 takes 5,000 points. That’s a lot of photos of Kmarts.

Google is also changing a points system. Some information that has a aloft impact for Google Maps users like being a initial to supplement a new place to a map or essay reviews, will now acquire we some-more points. As a association also announced today, guides who get to turn 4 will now get 3 months of giveaway entrance to Google Play Music and 75 percent off rentals in a Google Play Movie store.

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