Published On: Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

Google Maps Tests A New Feature That Collects Users’ Foodie Photos

Though services dedicated to photos of food – like Foodspotting or Forkly, for instance – have exited a stage (as good as consumers’ common consciousness) over a years, gnawing photos of your tasty cooking still stays a renouned activity. Now Google is looking to gain on this ongoing trend with a new underline in Google Maps that encourages users to share their “foodie pics” with others by posting a print to Google Maps itself.

The serve was initial speckled by Android Police, that also remarkable that Google has been operative to take improved advantage of users’ food photography for some time. For instance, progressing this year, a association close down an initial use called Tablescape that focused on users posting their food photos to Google+. At a time of a closure, Google pronounced that it wasn’t giving adult on food photography, and it was expected that Tablescape’s change in other apps would be seen in a future.

Like Tablescape, a new food photography underline in Google Maps is primarily accessible usually to Google’s Local Guides.

This module is Google’s aspirant to Yelp Elites, as it’s designed to prerogative those users who write high-quality reviews of area businesses, like restaurants and bars, by charity a accumulation of advantages to those who take a time to do so. As a user serve participates in a program, those advantages increase. For example, new users who haven’t nonetheless created their initial examination simply accept an informational newsletter and infrequently get to attend in contests. But during a other finish of a spectrum, members are invited to disdainful events, have their reviews featured opposite amicable media, and accept annual “thank-you” gifts.

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In a box of a food photos, usually Google Local Guides that have perceived a standing of “Level 3” or aloft – definition they’ve created during slightest 50 reviews – are being asked to attend for a time being, says Android Police. These users accept an warning when Google Maps finds that they’ve taken a food-related photo, and it prompts them to insert that print to a location.

By collecting what are expected to be higher-quality food photos from this village of proffer internal guides, Google could fast and simply enlarge a business listings with additional and useful information for searchers. That could ramp adult a foe with other internal business find services, including Yelp.

Already, Google Maps allows both businesses and their business to upload photos, though this newer underline could inspire a activity among a organisation of some-more dedicated reviewers.

The pierce follows Google’s augmenting seductiveness in becoming a improved place to bond consumers with restaurants by providing some-more than usually customary business info and maps. For instance, in May, a association partnered with half a dozen smoothness use providers including Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and, in sequence to concede users to sequence food directly from Google hunt results.

Android Police also remarkable that Guides were being forked to a Google support couple that explains how to opt-out of these notifications about their photos.

The link, however, is not meant usually for Local Guides though instead sum how Google Maps pushes alerts to users’ phones about circuitously places (e.g. we competence get an warning about a sight report while during a movement station), as good as how it prompts users to upload photos to Maps. This latter underline is usually enabled if we also have Location History incited on – another underline that was also augmented last month with a serve of “Your Timeline,” a approach to catalog and lane all a places you’ve been via a day.

(Image credits: Android Police)

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