Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Google Maps takes on Facebook with launch of the possess news feed

People are removing undone that Stories are everywhere now, though Google Maps is gripping it aged school. Instead of adding small circles to a tip of a app’s screen, Google Maps is introducing a possess news feed. Technically, Google calls a new underline a “Community Feed,” as it includes posts from a internal area. However, it’s orderly as any other news feed would be — a plumb scrollable feed with posts we can “Like” by drumming on a small thumbs-up icon.

The feed, that is found with a Explore add-on of a Google Maps app, is designed to make it easier to find a many new news, updates and recommendations from devoted internal sources. This includes posts business owners emanate regulating Google My Business to warning business to new deals, menu updates and other offers. At launch, Google says a concentration will be on highlighting posts from food and splash businesses.

For years, businesses have been means to make these sorts of posts regulating Google’s tools. But previously, users would have to privately daub to follow a business’s form in sequence to accept their updates.

Now, these same arrange of posts will be flush to even those Google Maps users who didn’t take a additional step of following a sold business. This increasing bearing has impacted a posts’ views, Google says. In early tests of Community Feed forward of a open launch, Google found that businesses’ posts saw some-more than double a array of views than before a feed existed.

Image Credits: Google

In further to posts from businesses, a new Community Feed will underline calm posted by Google users we follow as good as new reviews from Google’s Local Guides — a proffer module where users share their believe about internal places in sequence to acquire perks, such as form badges, early entrance to Google facilities and more. Select publishers will attend in a Community Feed, too, including The Infatuation and other news sources from Google News, when relevant.

Much of a information found in a Community Feed was accessible elsewhere in Google Maps before today’s launch.

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For example, a Google Maps’ Updates add-on offering a identical feed that enclosed businesses’ posts along with news, recommendations, stories and other facilities designed to inspire discovery. Meanwhile, a Explore add-on grouped businesses into thematic groupings (e.g. outside dining venues, cocktail bars, etc.) during a tip of a screen, afterwards authorised users to crop other lists and perspective area photos.

With a update, those groups of businesses by difficulty will still lay during a tip of a screen, though a rest of a add-on is dedicated to a scrollable feed. This gives a add-on a some-more graphic feel than it had before. It could even position Google to try into video posts in a future, given a stream recognition of TikTok-style  short-form video feeds that have now been cloned by Instagram and Snapchat.

Image Credits: Google

Today, it’s a some-more customary feed, however. As we corkscrew down, we can daub “Like” on those posts we find engaging to assistance softened surprise your destiny recommendations. You also can daub “Follow” on businesses we wish to hear some-more from, that will send their alerts to your Updates tab, as well. Thankfully, there aren’t comments.

Google hopes a change will inspire users to revisit a app some-more mostly in sequence to find out what’s function in their area — either that’s a new post from a business or a examination from another user detailing some fun internal activity, like a day outing or new hiking spot, for example.

The underline can be used when roving or researching other areas, too, as a “Community Feed” we see is designated not formed on where we live or your stream location, though rather where you’re looking on a map.

The feed is a latest in what’s been a array of updates designed to make Google Maps some-more of a Facebook rival. Over a past few years, Google Maps has combined facilities that authorised users to follow businesses, most like Facebook does, as good as summary those businesses directly in a app, identical to Messenger. Businesses, meanwhile, have been means to set adult their possess form in Google Maps, where they could supplement a logo, a cover print and collect a brief name — also a lot like Facebook Pages offer today.

With a launch of a news feed-style feature, Google’s try to duplicate Facebook is even some-more obvious.

Google says a underline is rolling out globally on Google Maps for iOS and Android.

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