Published On: Mon, Feb 13th, 2017

Google Maps lets we save and share favorite places with launch of Lists

Google Maps is currently rolling out a new underline to all users on iOS and Android inclination that will concede you to make lists of places that you can star, save and share with friends. There are 3 opposite lists forms built in during launch – “Favorites,” “Starred Places,” and “Want to Go” – a latter that is designed to offer as a personal bucket list. However, you can also emanate your own tradition lists that can be public, private, or common with a link.

The underline has been in contrast given this past tumble among Google’s energy users, Google Local Guides, and was built off a starring functionality that’s been accessible in Google Maps for over 5 years.

Being means to emanate and share lists of places could give Google Maps a some-more amicable feel to it. That’s an area that Google wants to explore, records Maps lead product manager, Zach Maier.

Before, he says, Maps has been focused on removing people from indicate A to indicate B though removing lost. Now, “we wish to assistance people mangle out of their routine, and do something new,” he explains.


To use a lists option, we daub a “Save” symbol that appears on a fact page for a plcae in question, either that’s a business – like a restaurant, bar, or emporium – or anything else. It can even be a dump pin we place on a map itself, Maier said. That’s useful for imprinting specific destinations that aren’t differently discoverable in Google Maps, like a sold mark within a large, local park.

It seems like Starred places and Favorites could have some overlap, though a goal with Stars is to concede users to save a personal list of places they need to reference, that aren’t indispensably those they would call “Favorites.” For example, a doctor’s bureau or propagandize competence be Starred, though not favorited.

During testing, users could emanate lists for themselves, though with today’s launch these can be common and followed, too.

So if we make a list of a best restaurants in your city, we can make it discoverable by any user on Google Maps by environment a list to public. Or, if you’re creation a list to be common with only one chairman or a organisation of friends – like a transport channel or internal recommendations catering to someone’s particular interests – that list can be common around a couple instead.


Clicking a couple will arrangement a list, and with another click we can select to follow it as well. This will concede we to lift adult a list and keep lane of a updates during any time, as prolonged as you’re logged into your Google account.

Google hasn’t partnered with any brands or publishers on a launch to seed a use with engaging and useful open lists, but Maier didn’t order out a probability in a future. Today, Google already works with several companies, like NYT, USA Today, Michelin, and Google-owned Zagat, for instance, to enlarge a hunt formula with some-more information, including links to those brands’ own lists. It would make clarity to move them to Google Maps during some point, too.

The new underline will contest head-on with Foursquare, that has offering list-making collection for some time, as good as with smaller startups like Soon, Spot, and a zillions of other “bucket list” creation collection on a App Store.

Google’s open lists won’t nonetheless be searchable, in a same approach that Foursquare’s are, though your possess lists will cocktail adult as suggestions when we start to form in a hunt box. Your lists and those we follow are also accessible offline.

Google says a new underline is rolling out currently on iOS and Android, and lists will be ocular on a web by common links. The full list-making knowledge will come to a web and other platforms during a after point.

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