Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

Google Maps for iOS Gains Popular Times Support in Latest Update

Google Maps for iOS only perceived an update, permitting users to check out Popular Times for a place right from a app itself.

Popular Times Extends a Wings into Google Maps App for iOS

Checking out trade conditions right from Google Maps has been a pivotal underline of a app. But, if we wish to see how things are like indoors, afterwards we have to conduct over to Google’s mobile or desktop website and afterwards check out Popular Times from there. Basically we have to mangle divided from a Google Maps app that tarnishes a whole knowledge with frustration. But thankfully, Google realizes this and has updated a mapping app on iOS with support for Popular Times, permitting we to check and see how most people we will run into when reaching a certain place.

The further of Popular Times in Google Maps comes as an further to a app with a recover of chronicle 4.27.0. Here’s a finish changelog of a release:

• See how swarming a place is in real-time and a normal time people spend there for easy preference making
• Quickly entrance addresses in your clipboard while searching
• Bug fixes

With a underline underneath your belt, we will be means to see now how most throng we will expected run into during a given time in a certain place. But that’s not all, we can also check out how most time a chairman customarily spends during that sold location. Using this data, we can devise out your day with ease, and hopefully, equivocate a outrageous throng wherever we are going. Such information is intensely useful during selling events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Download Google Maps with Popular Times

Google Maps is positively giveaway to download and use on both iOS and Android. Apart from plain mapping associated features, a use even facilities plain navigation associated perks as well. In sequence to go true to a download page, daub on a links below.

  • Download Google Maps for iOS
  • Download Google Maps for Android

Make certain we let us know in a comments territory next what we consider about this update. Will it urge how we devise out your day?

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