Published On: Mon, Feb 29th, 2016

Google Maps Brings Its “Add A Pit Stop” Feature To iOS

Last fall, Google announced a further of a long-requested underline to Google Maps, that authorised users to – finally! – supplement a stop along their stream route. That approach we could track your approach to a gas hire or grill forward of your final destination. However, during launch, a underline was usually accessible on Android devices. Today, Google says a underline is now accessible on all iOS inclination as well, and is accessible in any nation where Google Maps offers navigation – or some-more than 100 countries worldwide.

The underline itself is something users of a Google-owned navigation app Waze have had for some time, though was not nonetheless accessible in Google Maps.

It’s startling that it took Google so prolonged to supplement such a simple underline to a navigation app. After all, attack adult a array stop while on your approach somewhere else is a normal – but, before, we would have to track your approach to a array stop, afterwards start a new track from a array stop to your destination. And by formulating dual navigation sessions, it could be tough to see that gas station, restaurant, or other stop would catch a slightest volume of additional driving.

Using a new “add a stop” choice is sincerely simple: while you’re in navigation mode, you’ll see a magnifying potion during a tip right of your shade that, when pressed, offers a accumulation of options for a form of places we competence need to stop at, including gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, or coffee shops. You can also hunt for some-more places in sequence to enter in a array stop of your possess choosing.

For safety’s sake, we can entrance a underline by approach of voice commands by drumming on a microphone symbol instead of typing. That will make regulating a choice quicker and easier when you’re behind a wheel. (Of march we should not be fiddling with your phone while driving, though many still do.)

As we perspective your options plotted on a map, Google Maps will arrangement a rating for any end as good as a estimated time a road will take, so we can make a best selection.

The underline was already live on Android, though is currently rolling out to iOS users worldwide, says Google.


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