Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Google Lens Went Live On Google Photos For Some Time Until Google Disabled It

Last week, Google showcased a Assistant’s facilities such as a Google Lens mechanism vision. It was initial denounced during a Google I/O 2017 this year. And today, some users stumbled on active Google Lens underline on a latest chronicle of Google Photos.

According to a news by XDA Developers who combined an APK teardown of a latest chronicle of Google Photos on Android, found out entirely organic Google Lens functionality on it. For those who don’t know, Google Lens can brand texts, landmarks, objects by regulating phone’s camera app. It is a nifty underline that users can use instead of typing in a hunt query for discernible items.

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At a Developer Days eventuality in Poland final week, Google announced a new feature. Not usually identify, Google Lens will also interpret languages and also yield additional sum about a place or eventuality we indicate your camera at, even banking records to modify it into a opposite currency.

XDA found it integrated into a latest chronicle of Google Photos, that is now rolling out to Android users. Although some were means to try it for some time, after Google usually incited it off creation it no some-more accessible for hearing anymore. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted as we can make out from a screenshots.

Users who attempted it and XDA came to a end that Google Lens is still not in a ideal state as it was not means to brand some objects including Google Home intelligent speaker. However, for a objects it did work for, it offering ideal information.

Folks during Android Police also attempted their hands on Google Lens during a brief availability. During their test, Google Lens was means to brand 3 out of 4 objects. The usually intent it unsuccessful to brand was a blu-ray disc. It could be since of a wrong positioning of a camera though. They also tested created text, and Google Lens was means to brand a content easily solely for a timing. It listed 1.30PM timing as 10:30 AM.

Besides, it was also means to brand landmarks such as Disney World that it identified by a aged photos. But it was incompetent to name a Space Mountain that was in a credentials of a photos.

Google Lens is arguably one of a many innovative facilities that we have come opposite in a while. It clearly needs some some-more brushing adult before being rolled out to users. Going by a tests conducted by some users, we are looking brazen to perplexing it out!

Source: XDA Developers

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