Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

Google launches a subsequent Android 11 developer preview

Google now announced a second developer preview of Android 11. Like a initial preview, this one, too, is usually meant for developers and isn’t accessible as an over a atmosphere update. Instead, developers have to manually download and peep their upheld devices, that are now singular to a Pixel 2, 3, 3a or 4.

Unsurprisingly, this second recover doesn’t underline any groundbreaking new facilities and mostly continues a work finished with Preview 1. For a many part, these are new APIs and other developer features. You can design to hear some-more about user-facing updates in some of a subsequent releases.

“It’s still an early build, though we can start to see how a OS is enabling new practice in this release, from seamless 5G connectivity to jacket your UI around a latest screens, to a smarter keyboard and faster messaging experience,” writes Dave Burke, Google’s VP of Engineering, in today’s announcement.

New facilities in a second preview embody a 5G state API to see if a user is now on a 5G network, so that developers can afterwards activate practice that obligate a 5G network, for example. There is also now improved support for foldable inclination with a new API that can review information from a hinge angle sensor so that apps can, as a name implies, adjust to a angle of a hinge.  There are also new APIs for screening robocalls and support for non-static modernise rates and more. For developers who use neural networks in their apps, Android 11 will embody a new “hard swish-op” duty that will capacitate faster and some-more accurate training for on-device models.

While many of these updates concentration on developers, one underline users will expected notice is ‘resume on boot.’ When an Android 11 device reboots after an overnight over-the-air update, it can now immediately entrance Credential Encrypted storage and start receiving messages right away. In stream versions, a phone would mostly distortion asleep until we logged in with your credentials.


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