Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Google launches a initial developer preview of Android 11

With a days of desert-themed releases strictly behind it, Google currently announced a initial developer preview of Android 11, that is now accessible as complement images for Google’s possess Pixel devices, starting with a Pixel 2.

As of now, there is no approach to implement a updates over a air. That’s customarily something a association creates accessible during a after stage. These initial releases aren’t meant for unchanging users anyway. Instead, they are a approach for developers to exam their applications and get a conduct start on creation use of a latest facilities in a handling system.

With Android 11 we’re gripping a concentration on assisting users take advantage of a latest innovations, while stability to keep remoteness and confidence a tip priority,” writes Google VP of Engineering Dave Burke. “We’ve combined mixed new facilities to assistance users conduct entrance to supportive information and files, and we’ve hardened vicious areas of a height to keep a OS volatile and secure. For developers, Android 11 has a ton of new capabilities for your apps, like enhancements for foldables and 5G, call-screening APIs, new media and camera capabilities, appurtenance learning, and more.”

Unlike some of Google’s prior early previews, this initial chronicle of Android 11 does indeed move utterly a few new facilities to a table. As Burke noted, there are some requisite 5G facilities like a new bandwidth guess API, for example, as good as a new API that checks either a tie is unmetered so apps can play higher-resolution video, for example.

With Android 11, Google is also expanding a Project Mainline lineup of updatable modules from 10 to 22. With this, Google is means to refurbish vicious tools of a handling complement though carrying to rest on a device manufacturers to recover a full OS update. Users simply implement these updates by a Google Play infrastructure.

Users will be happy to see that Android 11 will underline local support for rapids screens that cover a device’s edges, regulating a new API that helps developers conduct interactions nearby those edges.

Also new are some facilities that developers can use to hoop conversational experiences, including a dedicated review territory in a presentation shade, as good as a new discuss froth API and a ability to insert images into replies we wish to send from a notifications pane.

Unsurprisingly, Google is adding a series of new remoteness and confidence facilities to Android 11, too. These embody one-time permissions for supportive forms of data, as good as updates to how a OS handles information on outmost storage, that it initial previewed final year.

As for security, Google is expanding a support for biometrics and adding opposite levels of granularity (strong, diseased and device credential), in further to a common hardening of a height we would design from a new release.

There are copiousness of other smaller updates as well, including some that are privately meant to make using appurtenance training applications easier, though Google privately highlights a fact that Android 11 will also move a integrate of new facilities to a OS that will assistance IT conduct corporate inclination with extended work profiles.

This initial developer preview of Android 11 is rising about a month progressing than prior releases, so Google is giving itself a bit some-more time to get a OS prepared for a wider launch. Currently, a recover report calls for monthly developer preview releases until April, followed by 3 betas and a final recover in Q3 2020.

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