Published On: Fri, Aug 7th, 2020

Google launches a final beta of Android 11

With a launch of Android 11 removing closer, Google currently launched a third and final beta of a mobile handling complement forward of a ubiquitous availability. Google had formerly behind a beta module by about a month since of a coronavirus pandemic.

Image Credits: Google

Since Android 11 had already reached height fortitude with Beta 2, many of a changes here are fixes and optimizations. As a Google orator noted, “this beta is focused on assisting developers put a finishing touches on their apps as they prepared for Android 11, including a central API 30 SDK and build collection for Android Studio.”

The one difference is some updates to a Exposure Notification System contact-tracing API, that users can now use but branch on device plcae settings. Exposure Notification is an difference here, as all other Android apps need to have plcae settings on (and user accede to entrance it) to perform a kind of Bluetooth scanning Google is regulating for this API.

Otherwise, there are no surprises here, given that this has already been a flattering extensive preview cycle. Mostly, Google unequivocally wants developers to make certain their apps are prepared for a new version, that includes utterly a few changes.

If we are dauntless enough, we can get a latest beta over a atmosphere as partial of a Android Beta program. It’s accessible for Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4 and (soon) 4a users.

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