Published On: Tue, Mar 28th, 2017

Google launches new site to showcase the open source projects and processes

Google is rising a new site now that brings all of a company’s open source projects underneath a singular umbrella.

The formula of these projects will still live on GitHub and Google’s self-hosted git service, of course, with a new site functioning as a executive office for them. While this new plan is apparently meant to showcase Google’s projects, a association says it also wants to use it to yield “a demeanour underneath a hood” of how it “does” open source.

That final partial is indeed a many engaging aspect of this new site since Google is also edition a series of a papers about how it does open source internally. “Our policies and procedures are sensitive by many years of knowledge and lessons we’ve schooled along a way,” Google writes in today’s announcement. “We know that a sold proceed to open source competence not be right for everyone—there’s some-more than one proceed to do open source—and so these docs should not be review as a ‘how-to’ guide.”

The topics these papers now cover embody information about Google’s recover routine for new projects, how to contention rags to other projects and how a association handles third-party open source projects it uses internally.

Given Google’s new open source successes like Kubernetes and TensorFlow, both of that have already combined vast ecosystems around them, those papers are value a closer look, generally for other companies that wish to recover some of their inner formula as open source.

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