Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

Google Launches “Gmailify” – A Way To Use Gmail’s Best Features With Non-Gmail Accounts

Since early 2015, Google’s Gmail Android app has authorised users to conduct their mail from non-Gmail accounts, like Yahoo and Outlook. Now a association is holding things a step further. It’s currently introducing a new underline called “Gmailify” that will concede anyone to take advantage of Gmail’s spam protection, inbox organization, Google Now integrations, and more, though carrying to change their email address.

That means you’ll be means to not usually be means to check your,, or email within Gmail’s mobile focus – though we can also manage those accounts as if those emails were hosted on Google’s possess servers. This creates clarity for people who would like to select Gmail for a modernized underline set, though are stranded with a opposite email and don’t wish to go by a hassles concerned with changing their email address.

If you’re already accessing your non-Gmail accounts from a Gmail application, you’ll still need to opt in to a “Gmailify” feature. To do so, you’ll need to open a Gmail app, pointer into your outmost accounts, and afterwards “enable Gmailify,” a Google blog post explains.

In practice, this involves joining your non-Gmail account(s) to Gmail. In a app’s “Settings” screen, you’ll daub on a non-Gmail comment we wish to couple afterwards select “Link Account.” This is what allows a app to take advantage of Gmail’s stretched feature. This will indeed work both in a Android focus as good as on a web during You can select to unlink a accounts during any time, a association notes.

In further to being means to implement Gmail’s spam insurance on this incoming mail, your non-Gmail emails will also be orderly by form (e.g. Social, Updates, Promotions). Plus, you’ll be means to hunt your non-Gmail regulating modernized hunt operators, accept improved notifications on mobile, and your transport and hotel reservations will seem automatically in Google Now.

Google is not alone in perplexing to support to non-account holders by focusing on a underline set. Other tip email providers are also operative to justice those who wish to try a opposite user knowledge though carrying to change their address. For example, in December, Yahoo announced a mobile email app would concede users to conduct their Gmail, permitting them to use things like Yahoo’s “smart” contacts and password-free sign-in. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s even offers an import apparatus to assistance make a transition from Gmail to a app easier.

It’s notable, too, that Gmailify launched on a same day that Microsoft is holding out of preview.

At launch, “Gmailify” usually works with Yahoo and Microsoft’s Hotmail/Outlook, though Google says some-more providers will be upheld in a future.

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