Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Google launches a new office to assistance we learn Assistant actions

Google says we can now perform some-more than a million actions with a Google Assistant. Those operation from looking adult photos with Google Photos to starting a imagining event from Headspace. But one problem with voice assistants is that it’s really tough to learn that actions we indeed can perform. For many users, that means they use their Google Home or Alexa to set a few timers and maybe play music, but ever realizing what else they can do.

To assistance a users a bit, Google is rising a new office page for a Google Assistant today. This is partial of a slew of Assistant-related announcements during CES today; while it’s substantially not a many critical (those intelligent displays certain demeanour nice, after all), it’s but a useful new tool, generally for new users.

It’s been roughly accurately a year given Google enabled third-party actions, and while Google can’t exaggerate a same numbers of third-party support as Amazon, there’s clearly a lot of developer seductiveness in building these actions. And to make articulate about them a bit easier, Google is also now job a first-party actions… wait for it… “actions.”

Featured Image: Bloomberg/Getty Images

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