Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

Google launches a new Backup & Sync desktop app for uploading files and photos to a cloud

As betrothed final month, Google has now launched a new “Backup and Sync from Google” tool, that aims to assistance users some-more simply behind adult a files and photos on their computer. The application is meant to reinstate a comparison Google Photos desktop app, as good as a Google Drive customer applications for both Mac and PC.

Essentially, it’s mixing a comparison apps’ functionality into one experience, so we don’t have to use dual opposite program programs for a really identical purpose of removing files off your mechanism and into Google’s cloud.

The new apparatus offers a elementary user interface, where you’ll initial pointer into your Google account, afterwards name a folders we wish Google to ceaselessly behind adult to Google Drive. Because it’s replacing stream users’ existent Google Drive installations, a apparatus will honour any stream settings you’ve already specified on Mac and PC, Google explained final month, when it announced a apparatus was in a works.

In further to subsidy adult files on your desktop computer, a new program also can be used to behind adult photos from USB-connected devices, like cameras, as good as SD cards. After a behind adult is complete, your files can be accessed in Google Drive from any device — including your computer, phone or tablet. Your photos and videos, meanwhile, will be accessible in Google Photos.

Both products‘ websites are now hosting a updated software, that is a giveaway download for consumers.

Google says that business users — definition those on G Suite — shouldn’t download this new program application during this time.

The association is formulation to recover a new enterprise-focused resolution called Drive File Stream, which will hurl out to all G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education and Nonprofit domains after this year. (G Suite users can request to a Early Adopter Program if they wish to try Drive File Stream forward of a open launch.)

From within a Backup and Sync software, you’ll be means to configure a series of settings and preferences, including either we wish photos and videos uploaded to Google’s cloud in their strange peculiarity (as pro photographers would expected choose), or only high quality.

More-advanced users competence wish to make other changes, like selecting how they wish Drive to hoop record deletions, or changing a download or upload rates.

Finally, you’ll be means to ascent your Google Drive storage subscription from a app. That’s something we competence need to do if we take this event to offload a lot of your desktop confusion into a cloud.

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