Published On: Tue, Oct 31st, 2017

Google launches a new $1,999 hardware pack for Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet, Google’s use for using video and audio meetings, is removing a few new hardware companions. The association now announced a Hangouts Meet hardware pack that includes a touchscreen controller, orator microphone, 4K camera and an ASUS Chromebox to control it all.

The Chromebox (an Asus CN62) is a haughtiness core of this kit. While Chromeboxes (which we can consider of as a Mac Mini to Google’s Chromebook laptops) never utterly took off a approach Chromebooks did, nonetheless they’ve sensitively been around for years, with a likes of Dell, HP, Acer and Asus creation them. They energy all from in-store signage to many a mechanism behind a receptionist’s desk.

For a while now, Google has sole countless assembly kits formed around a Acer and ASUS Chromeboxes during prices that operation from $999 to $1,999. That was before a Hangouts Meet and Chat schism, yet (which is still confusing), and this new pack is privately geared toward Hangouts Meet and G Suite Enterprise book customers.

It’s also a initial set to underline this new touchscreen controller (though that, too, isn’t a initial touchscreen privately geared toward Hangouts meetings). That touchscreen, Google tells me, is a 10-inch MIMO Vue capacitive arrangement with HDMI capture. These screens typically sell for about $499 outward of this kit.

Google records that it designed a orator microphone itself and that users can sequence 5 of them together to constraint audio from vast rooms. Chances are that Google used some of a imagination it gained from building a Google Home to surprise a orator mic setup.

The camera Google bundles with this pack is a Huddly GO 4K sensor camera. While we might not have listened of Huddly before, a Norway-based startup recently lifted a $10 million Series B appropriation turn and focuses privately on a remote assembly market. Outside of this kit, we can’t now buy a Huddly Go, yet we can haven one on Huddly’s website where, during some point, it will sell for $499 (unless Google only acquires them before that).

In further to a hardware updates, Google is also rising a few new program features. You can now record meetings and automatically save those recordings to Google Drive, for example, and those meetings can now have adult to 50 participants and those participants can now dial in from some-more than a dozen meetings (and a internal app will automatically give we a right dial-in series formed on where we are, too). These new facilities will hurl out gradually, though.

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