Published On: Fri, Feb 3rd, 2017

Google Kills ‘Hands Free’ Payment App to Focus on Android Pay

Google is murdering one of a desirous projects – “Hands Free”, that was an innovative remuneration app formed on facial approval technology. It enabled users with an choice to make payments with Google. The plan couldn’t take off a approach Google expected. And now, it is being close down. The app will disappear from App Store and Google Play on Feb 8.

To recap, Hands Free app was launched in Mar 2016 for both iOS and Android. Being formed on facial approval technology, it authorised users to register remuneration and print information in a app to trigger payments carried over a brew of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS record for authenticating if your phone is benefaction during a remuneration location. When creation a payment, a assistant would get a print of a payer to endorse a flawlessness of a transaction. The print was to safeguard if a same user is creation a payment.

The Hands Free app could usually make a approach to a handful vendors like McDonald’s and Papa John’s. The adoption rate for a app was rather delayed and that’s what done Google kill it.

In a early days of Hands Free, Google had a prophesy that facial approval record formed remuneration complement would one day renovate a approach online/offline exchange are carried out. Unfortunately, a app could not hoard as most courtesy as Google’s other remuneration app – Android Pay. However, on Hands Free’s web page, Google mentions that it has skeleton to “bring a best of a Hands Free record to even some-more people and stores”. There are chances that we competence see an overhauled chronicle of a app creation a entrance shortly or maybe Google will incorporate a record into a already renouned product – Android Pay.

On Hands Free’s web page, Google also says:

“While we can’t share any some-more sum about what’s subsequent only yet, we inspire we to suffer quick, easy checkout with Android Pay.”

Keeping a above quote in mind, it does seem trustworthy that Google will now be focusing on Android Pay and competence incorporate a Hands Free app into a Android Pay ecosystem.

Interestingly, during a time when Google is rolling behind a Hands Free app, other attention leaders like Amazon are operative on a identical remuneration process for their platform. Amazon’s cashier-less Amazon Go grocery store is formed on identical functionality, and it is set to go live this year.

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