Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Google is Testing Touch Friendly Launcher for Chrome OS, Here’s How You Can Try It Right Now

Google is operative on creation Chrome OS bigger and better. The tech hulk is tweaking a UI of a OS and introducing new features. In a latest news, it is contrast a new UI for a OS, that is touch-sensitive and refreshingly new. And a best partial is that we can try it right now!

The app launcher has always been there on a Chrome OS, though it never worked uniformly for a inscription mode. Now, with a new app launcher, Google is bringing extended functionality for a inscription mode. The new launcher would make inscription mode appealing for a users by providing a seamless experience.

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By drumming on a new launcher button, users will now get information about recently used applications and it will also easier entrance to a hunt bar. By shifting it up, we get to see a elementary overview of commissioned apps on a device, a crossover from a Pixel Launcher. The functionality of a new launcher is matching to a stream launcher on a Chrome OS, though a UI is lovely that would interest to a 2-in-1 Chromebook Pro users.

For now, Google is contrast a new launcher, and it is usually accessible in a Canary channel. Before going forward with a guide, we would like to surprise we that this routine puts your appurtenance in a reset mode and being an inconstant build, we will knowledge a lot of bugs.

How to capacitate new Chrome OS Launcher right now:

Step 1: Firstly, you’ll have to get into a developer mode on your Chromebook. To spin on a developer mode, press Esc + Refresh (F5) + Power. You’ll see a vacant shade with a warning now, to foot it press Ctrl + D and afterwards we will get into a developer mode. Make certain we press Ctrl + D when your complement boots so that we can directly get into developer mode but verification.

Step 2: This step is all about removing into a Canary channel. Simply press Ctrl + Alt + T to open authority prompt and form “shell” to get a prompt and after that form “sudo su” to get a base access. Finally, form this authority to switch to a Canary channel – “update_engine_client –channel=canary-channel –update

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Step 3: Now, form sudo su –, and press return, form echo ‘–enable-arc’ /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf, and press return, form mount -o connect /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf /etc/chrome_dev.conf, and press return. Now, we gotta press “Ctrl + Shift + Q” twice to pointer out.

Step 4: After completing a prior steps, we are all set to reboot, pointer in, and duplicate this pulp this in your Chrome OS browser window: chrome://flags/#enable-fullscreen-app-list. Now, restart we complement and press hunt key.

How to switch behind to a fast channel:

After experiencing a new night mode, if we can’t mount a cart opening anymore, afterwards it is time to get behind to a fast channel. For that, we will need to follow these steps:

Press Ctrl + Alt + T and form “shell” command. After that, form “sudo su” and afterwards enter this authority – “update_engine_client –channel=stable-channel -update“. Your complement will reboot now, press space bar during foot and you’ll see a OS corroboration shade again. You are now on a fast channel.

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