Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Google is reportedly releasing a localized mobile remuneration use in India

Google is augmenting a concentration on India with skeleton to deliver a localized digital remuneration use as shortly as subsequent week, according to a news from India-based news site The Ken.

The announcement claims Google ‘Tez’ — definition quick in India — will offer a extensive set of remuneration options over existent products like Google Wallet or Android Pay. Tez, for one thing, will embody support for Unified Payments Interface (UPI) — a remuneration complement corroborated by a supervision — and other consumer remuneration services including Paytm and MobiKwik. Apparently it will be a dedicated app when it arrives.

Google declined to comment.

This is a large understanding since Google hasn’t done a large pull into payments outward of a U.S. and, while it has a clever consumer participation in India, income from a nation is zero to write home about. Yet.

There’s copiousness to be bullish on. Beyond India’s quick flourishing internet user bottom and phone sales, that have already done it a world’s second largest smartphone market, the digital payments space is sloping to rocket to $500 billion per year by 2020 — that’s according to a news from BCG and (dum dum dum…) Google.

That intensity has already attracted tech companies like Flipkart, WhatsApp and Truecaller which are relocating into, or have already entered a space. But a some-more consummate product, total with a strech by consumer services and Android — India’s widespread handling complement for smartphones — could give Google an top hand.

Beyond information supposing by sources, The Ken dug adult supervision filings that uncover Google is indeed formulation to recover a product named Tez in India. In addition, and rather interestingly, it looks there could be general enlargement plans, too, since the hunt hulk has purebred trademarks for Tez in during slightest Indonesia and a Philippines.

Google has spent poignant resources building a services in India and some-more recently Southeast Asia around a Next Billion Users (NBU) program. That includes free public/train hire Wi-Fi, a data-optimized chronicle of YouTube, and a Android One and Android Go handling systems for affordable devices. It also done talent acquisitions in India and Singapore to rise a NBU teams and whet internal tech chops.

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