Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Google is rising a approach to buy Android app subscriptions outward of a app itself

Alongside a Android 11 beta news and updates to Android developer tools, Google has sensitively rolled out a poignant change in how Android app developers can marketplace their subscriptions on a Google Play Store. The association reliable a name set of developers are contrast a new underline that allows consumers to squeeze an app’s subscription outward of a app itself. That is, instead of carrying to click by in-app pop-ups and review a excellent imitation inside an app, consumers can select to buy an app’s subscription directly from a Play Store inventory page — even if they don’t nonetheless have a app installed.

Google vaguely announced a change in a blog post, though didn’t offer petrify sum as to how this underline worked, instead describing it usually as a approach for users “to learn and squeeze equipment outward your app.”

The functionality is being done accessible by a Android Billing Library chronicle 3, that Google recently introduced. The new library can energy a subscription promo formula emancipation experience, where users can redeem giveaway trials before a app is installed. And it allows consumers to resubscribe to subscriptions they used to compensate for from a Google Play subscriptions center.

But a many important partial of a refurbish is how it allows developers to sell subscriptions directly on their app’s sum page. Now, subsequent to a app’s “Install” button, consumers will be means to instead select to click a apart symbol to squeeze a app’s subscription and even a giveaway trial.

In an example, a robocall-blocking app Truecaller shows a symbol subsequent to “Install” that reads, instead, “Free hearing Install.” Beneath this, a window provides all a sum about a app’s subscription, including a giveaway hearing length, a cost when a hearing ends, and what a subscription offers, in terms of underline set.

This some-more pure selling choice advantages consumers and developers alike.

Today, too many consumers are still being hoodwinked by wily subscriptions that don’t play by app store guidelines. The problem isn’t singular to Android apps, unfortunately. A news from confidence organisation Sophos found that some-more than 3.5 million iOS users have commissioned fleeceware apps from Apple’s App Store, for example.

Google, for a part, introduced a new set of Play Store policies in Apr with a idea of ensuring that users are means to know a terms of a subscription offer, a giveaway hearing duration and how they can cancel a subscription, if desired. The updated process bans things like dark terms, misleading billing frequencies, and dark pricing.

This new underline charity a apart symbol usually for subscriptions could give users another approach to learn about a app’s pricing and underline set before creation a joining to download a app.

This, in turn, could assistance revoke user shake — as fewer users would dump out of a app once they comprehend a facilities they indispensable were usually offering as a paid option. It could also assistance developers attract some-more profitable paid subscribers by permitting intensity users an easy approach to review their subscription pricing with competitors, while additionally shortening user requests for refunds.

For now, Android users can usually squeeze subscriptions outward a app from a singular set of developers who have been contrast a feature, Google says.

The association tells us it will enhance this underline to embody other practical products in a future.

This latest change isn’t a usually approach Google is perplexing to boost clarity around subscriptions.

In a video common with developers, a association remarkable it has done improvements to a checkout transport on Google Play to supplement serve distinctions between hearing durations and unchanging pricing. Google also now sends out email reminders to warning users when giveaway trials are finale and it now pops adult a presentation when an app is uninstalled to remind users they might also wish to cancel a app’s subscription.

Google is also changing a choice that lets a patron postponement a subscription. Starting on Nov 1, 2020, this will default to “on,” and other facilities like Account Hold and Restore will be compulsory for app subscription-based apps. Plus, developers will be means to pop-up a list of reasons to keep a subscription when a user hits a cancel button.

“We trust that in augmenting user trust around subscriptions, we will advantage from an boost higher-quality subscribers and reduce reinstate and chargeback rates,” says Google Play Commerce product manager, Mrinalini Loew, in a video.


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