Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Google Is Finally Killing Picasa

It hasn’t done clarity for Google to continue to deposit in dual apart print storage and pity applications, as it has been doing with a newer Google Photos and a antiquated software Picasa. And now the company is finally going to do something about that: Google announced this morning that it will no longer support a Picasa desktop focus as of Mar 16, 2016. In addition, it will be archiving Picasa Web Albums information during a after date while encouraging those users to cgange to Google Photos instead.

It’s transparent that Google is endangered about recoil from a clinging user bottom who still relies on Picasa, given a tinge of today’s announcement. The association emphasized how many time it has invested in creation certain it creates a transition as painless as probable for finish users.

“We know for many of you, a good understanding of caring has left into handling your photos and videos regulating Picasa—including a hours you’ve invested and a many altered moments you’ve devoted us with,” writes Anil Sabharwal, Head of Google Photos on a blog post. “So we will take some time in sequence to do this right and yield we with options and easy ways to entrance your content,” he added.

For those who are regulating a Picasa desktop application, it will continue to work as it does currently – and if we select to download it before a shutdown date of Mar 16, that will also be a case. However, a module will no longer accept destiny updates.

To be fair, a module hadn’t been updated many as it was – a desktop app might have perceived teenager tweaks, confidence rags and bug fixes, though a altogether user interface is impossibly dated. It looks many like it did years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 during 1.41.41 PM

For those who wish to make a switch to Google Photos, there’s a desktop uploader app accessible during that can be used going forward.

Meanwhile, there’s expected some-more regard from users about a information collected on Picasa Web Albums, that includes really specific metadata about their photos. Specifically, users might have tagged their photos for organizational purposes, as good as combined captions. Friends and family might have commented on some photos, as well. It doesn’t sound like that metadata has done a transition to Google Photos, however.

Google records that a easiest approach to access, cgange and share a calm from a Picasa Web Album is to record into Google Photos, as photos and videos will already be there for you, automatically.

But some Picasa Web Albums users don’t wish to join Google Photos for whatever reason. Google is most going out of a approach to residence their needs, observant that it will emanate “a new place for we to entrance your Picasa Web Albums data.”

There aren’t a lot of sum about this new place yet, solely that it will offer users collection to “view, download, or delete” your Picasa Web Albums. However, it won’t concede users to create, classify or revise albums – to do that, they would have to pierce to Google Photos or some other program.

This partial of a transition is entrance after a finish date for Picasa on a desktop, as Google says it won’t start rolling out these changes until May 1, 2016.

Google records that it will also retire some functions of a Picasa API, inspiring developers.

It’s rather startling that it has taken Google this prolonged to finish support for Picasa, given how many some-more modernized and organic a newer Google Photos product is today.

In fact, each time Picasa gifted a glitch and a Web Albums product would go down, we would ask Google if it had killed a use during last. Google spokespersons would always contend “no.” Even as late as final summer, a association touted a friendship to a product, revelation me that “Picasa continues to be partial of the altogether Photos offering, and we’ve worked tough to make certain that roughly all we do in Picasa is concordant with Google Photos.”

That line of thinking, obviously, has now changed.

But it does speak to what contingency be a still-sizable user bottom regulating Picasa software and a online albums – and when it comes to users who adhere to antiquated products, it’s not expected they’ll be fans of this change.

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