Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Google is bringing video reviews to Google Maps

We’re still really distant divided from real-time Google Street View or satellite imagery on Google Maps, yet Google is, for a initial time, introducing video in tools of a mapping service. Users who are partial of a company’s Local Guides module can now fire 10-second videos right from a Google Maps app (or upload 30-second clips from their camera roll).

While a association sensitively launched this underline for Local Guides about dual weeks ago, Google is now also notifying them about it around email and will expected recover it publicly in a nearby future.

Until now, we could usually upload still images to Google Maps. Videos, however, can constraint a restaurant’s, store’s or sight’s atmosphere distant better. Google is also categorically permitting users to use their videos for personal reviews (as prolonged as they belong to a common examination policies that also request to created reviews). Local businesses will, of course, also be means to use this underline to prominence their possess products, too.

To record or upload videos to Google Maps, you’ll have to hunt for and name a place in Google Maps (this is Android-only for now, as distant as we can see), corkscrew down and daub “add a photo,” daub a “Camera” idol and afterwards reason a shiver to record (or we can upload a brief video, too).

For now, though, a module is usually open to Local Guides on Android, yet it looks like Google is also contrast this with internal businesses already. As distant as we can see, though, a videos will be manifest on all platforms.

While this might demeanour like a teenager refurbish during first, it’ll make for utterly a change on Google Maps, generally for internal business owners. Snapping a few cinema is flattering easy, after all, yet chances are that many of them will shortly wish to take veteran video of their locations, that is distant harder and — if they sinecure a videographer — some-more expensive.

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